There’s something cruel about making the most difficult part of a student’s academic career the classes towards the very end.

I have no motivation.  My soul contains the sort of tiredness that only comes from being incessantly busy at things that you don’t truly enjoy.
Kenneth Josephson: Untitled (88-4-235) - from the series Books , 1988 ...:

I should be doing homework right now.  I should have been doing homework since I finished cleaning the kitchen up from dinner.  Instead, I wasted nearly an hour on Facebook and Buzzfeed (doing what? I hardly know) and now I’m here.

This is a great read for getting some peace of mind in stressful moments.  Re-reading that list, I know I didn’t hit nearly enough of those points today, not even the hydration one.

Things have just been chaotic and weird everywhere lately.

I like some routine.  I like some normalcy.  Also, this is a rough time of the year for me (winter) no matter what is going on. Bleh.

What do you do to regain motivation, or even just a moment of peace during stressful times?

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