Sickness, Experiments, and Motivation

Sometimes, I think to myself that I really ought to have been a scientist.
I came near to being a scientist when I was a psychology major.  I sometimes wonder if I’ve lost my path in becoming a business major.

I will never not do experiments.  I am always experimenting in my own life: looking for better ways to do things, testing “what-ifs.” My current experiment involves Facebook, which I wrote my feelings about in some detail in a recent post.

I have been off, or at least mostly off, Facebook since Sunday.  Last week, I kept track of the amount of time I spent on Facebook in the evenings, at least as best as I could.  Here are the results of my control week:


I apparently forgot to record my end time for the 20th. -.-  As you can see, the amount of time I spend on Facebook is probably much less than what other people do, but if the only “free” time I have in my life is in the evenings, do I really want to spend it on Facebook?

That’s part of the point of this experiment.  I’m an INFJ, so really, the point is about thirty points.  I have multiple reasons/justifications for pretty much everything I do.

I want to see how and if I use my time more constructively, and if I feel better over all.  I think in a way, Facebook contributes to my melancholy.

I’m also in a mental fog right now, and I have a feeling I could be getting very sick soon, like tomorrow soon.  Hopefully not, but today is not good feeling.

Back to my FB experiment.  I find myself compulsively going to my phone to check FB every time I’m out somewhere and not busy, and I have to catch myself.  I have allowed myself several times to simply login and see if I have any messages, and I used it tonight to view the about page for National Geographic for an assignment.  But, I have not scrolled through my newsfeed or checked my 101ish notifications.

So far, I’ve spent a lot more time on Pinterest.  I’m not sure how much better that is.  I think I have about the same amount of homework done.

As far as my motivation, it’s meh.  But I’ve realized that part of my scatter-brainedness at work has come from not making a list of things I need to do.  I sometimes seriously wonder if I have adhd, because I can have a very difficult time focusing.  A list keeps me visually and mentally grounded, and helps me remember things.  It is definitely important that I do that, especially when I have a lot to do and am not feeling well, or feeling discouraged (or both, like today).

I think I will end this here.  I am going to try to get several hours more sleep than usual tonight.

Here’s a picture of a parakeet in a hat.  Parakeets are amazing.

Budgies are Awesome:


7 thoughts on “Sickness, Experiments, and Motivation

  1. Parakeets! 😀

    Also, I’d like to say we spent the same amount of time on FB, but that’d be a lie. I probably spend a little more time on it >.>

    It’s a weird black hole that sucks time out of everything, but I still like it. However, I almost hit this internet ‘wall’ where if I spend enough time on it, there’s not really a lot of new or interesting things going on, and I’m just flipping through apps to flip through them (then I actually snap out of it and go do other things). If we were able to just use them occasionally, life would be better (at least I think so).

    Also don’t be me and get sick! D: That’s the worst!


    1. I spend a little more time I on it than what I reported. I normally use my phone to check it periodically during the day, but that’s very hard to keep track of. And I completely get the “wall” thing, it’s like this weird point where give seen everything before…but if you think about the massiveness of the internet, it’s weird that that’s even possible. It’s again to traveling through space and thinking “I’ve been here before”


      1. It is so weird! The internet is so vast with so much information that I think “Wait, why am I hitting this wall, and why are there so many of the same things being shown everywhere?” It’s insane.

        And I do the same when I’m out and about. I also use it as a way to avoid contact with others out in public. >.> Is that bad?


  2. I don’t think it’s bad, no. People seem to invade my space more if I’m not on my phone. I know I need several mental breaks from people throughout the day. I do feel like I encounter more unique and new content on Pinterest or YouTube v. Facebook, which I like. I also see a lot of pettiness I Facebook, and weird though it may, I find it emotionally and mentally taxing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Meeeee. It almost feels like, especially with young people, people are like “Oh my gosh! A young one looking up from her phone, quick! Interaction! Something! Don’t lose her to the weird silent black hole of technology!”
      Maybe that’s just my weird experiences >.>


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