More thoughts on social media, random thoughts, so many thoughts

Because why not.

Since getting back on FB after going a week without really using it, I’ve realized that I do definitely feel kind of down, depressed, however you want to word it after using it for a long period of time.  And I don’t like it.

So I’m not sure where to go from here, because I don’t want to get rid of it entirely because of like, ten people on there that I care about enough to hang around but I feel like I need to do something different.  I have enough to get me down in life without a website contributing to it.

My thoughts include keeping it down to like one or two days a week, or some thang like that.

Who knows.  I feel like I’ve done nothing worth-while all evening and it screws with my head.

But, let’s talk about something else.  Anything else.


Spring break is coming up. I am mentally desperate for a break.  So much needless, senseless, and avoidable drama and BS happening at work right now.  Not my thing.
One of the most frustrating things is making an observation about an event, or someone’s behavior, and have no one else be able to understand it or get it.  Until later, when I am proven right.

This is part of the seeing through the masks thing... or noticing the lie thing... People thinking they have one up on me and learning too late they didn't. ❖:

This, eight hours a day, forty hours a week.  People be pissed because I point out issues, or point out the actual truth of a situation.  I keep multiple sides in mind and try to keep a balanced view of things, but others just don’t want to hear it.  The other thing is, I am very bad at accepting bs.  Like, excuse me, that’s so obviously NOT true, why are we all just going along like it IS true?  We’ve disproven that hypothesis.  We busted that myth.  The game is over.  Why are we still playing?  This is insanity.

That’s what I am learning, really.  No one wants to actually fix anything.  They just say they do. Here’s a short story:

A true story, by the Pocket Poet

Person A: We’ll deal with any issues that come up.

Me: Points out concern.

Person A: I don’t think that’s an issue.  If it is, we’ll deal with it when it happens.

Person B: Just go along with it.  It’s not your job to figure it out.

Later: Thing blows up and causes major, but avoidable, problem.


Person A: You can fix this, right?


Yes, it’s yet another “negative”/snarky post.  It’s where I am right now, mentally.  Ugh.

Ugh, I say.


And I’m not sure what to do about any of it. Any of it.


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