The only thing worse than Monday right is the preceding 24 hours.

Because why not have a long, ridiculous title to this random blog post?

I’m using this to procrastinate doing homework.  I wanted some wine instead.

Yeah, that’s good.  Lots of logic there.  What could go wrong when combining those two things?  Nothing, I say, in vehement denial.  NOTHING.

I only have about a month left, but it feels like all of eternity, and then I’m waiting for something to pop up at the end going “surprise motherfucker, you’re not actually done yet.  You have another four and half years to go.”

Sobs.  I think I am mentally and emotionally scared from college.  I learn much better  when I’m not ridiculously stressed.  The last time that happened was…not sure.  Maybe never.

Probably never.  I have no idea where this post is going.  Have a gif.

I feel like it’ll never be over. In the past, people would tell me they just graduated high school and didn’t go to college, and I would think (to myself) “oh…they’ll have trouble getting a job.  And they’re really missing out.”  Now I think, must be freaking delightful.  Sounds like living the dream, actually.

But I’m glad I did all this.  I am.  *Nods aggressively*

Time to end this nonsense.

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