All the Randomness

Courtesy of my brain. Gifs courtesy of the internet.

1. Never trust someone who can eat ice cream straight out of the freezer without letting it thaw a little first

2. Someone who has an excessive amount of high heeled shoes, but can’t walk in them properly, doesn’t walk in them

3. The Hemsworth brothers’ looks are over-rated

4. Nickelback receives far too much undeserved scorn. They’re not that bad

5. Why, when we could do almost literally anything, or go virtually anywhere, do we spend the majority of our internet time on Facebook

6. I’m far more entertained by the clever folks on YouTube, vines, and random internet posts than the majority of what’s on TV

7. Seagulls are sea-rats

8. People who complain about how different girls who wear a lot of make-up look, without make-up, clearly don’t understand what exactly make-up is. It changes the way people look

9. It’s gif, with a g, not jif, with an unearned pretentiousness 

10. Hipsters are self-defeating in their quest to be hipster. Think about it

11. Not every one can do every thing. We shouldn’t degrade the integrity of words to accommodate this. There’s nothing wrong with having a particular look or skill set, or not having a particular look or skill set

12. It’s better to ask how to do something and look stupid once, than always stand on the sidelines and look like a boring arse

13. The internet needs more Shaq

14. Back to make-up. Saying someone is wearing too much make-up is like saying someone drove the car too far. Kind of. Basically. Maybe

15. At one time, the idea of giving your actual name on the internet was horrifying and doing so meant you would definitely die all the violent deaths in a van in the woods while your parents forever mourned your foolishness because how could you actually be so stupid as to tell people your name without getting kidnapped that’s not how they raised you

16. Coming up with these points are difficult, have a gif

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